Welcome to Together Birthing and congratulations on your pregnancy and for choosing a positive way to prepare for the birth of your baby. With Together Birthing online hypnobirthing courses you gain the knowledge, tools and techniques that you need to have a more confident, calmer, easier, fear-free pregnancy and birth, whether this is your first pregnancy or the most recent of many. Together Birthing also offers weekly online baby massage classes for infants from newborn to pre-crawling age.

Welcome to Together Birthing - offering weekly hypnobirthing and baby massage classes in Berkhamsted.


  • Release any fears and anxieties about birth so you can look forward to your birthing day
  • Give yourself the best opportunity for a drug-free birth
  • Feel calm and in control during labour and birth
  • Have tools and techniques to stay calm if special circumstances arise
  • Give your birth partner a role to play during the birth giving light touch massage, prompting relaxation and supporting you
  • Feel empowered to speak out and ask questions so that you and your birth partner can both make informed choices during the birth
  • Research shows lower emergency c-section rates for hypnobirthing mums
  • Research shows that hypnobirthing can reduce labour time by up to 3 hours


  • Private Hypnobirthing Classes
  • If you need the course to fit in around your diary or you prefer more of a one-on-one, personal approach – tailored to your specific needs.

    £400 per couple

  • 4 x 2.5 hours
  • Group Hypnobirthing Classes
  • Small, friendly group classes for up to 4 couples, taught in a home studio, located in a tranquil garden/woodland setting near Berkhamsted.

    £233 per couple

  • 4 x 2.5 hours
  • Refresher
  • If you have done hynobirthing before and want to refresh your knowledge and practice – a class that is tailored to your specific needs.

    from £55 per couple

  • 1 x 2.5 hours
  • Baby Massage
  • For up to 6 parents and babies from newborn to pre-crawling – can help with bonding, relaxation, sleep and colic discomfort.

    £45 per parent/baby

  • 5 x 1 hour



“I just want to say a massive thank you, the hypnobirthing skills you taught us on the course were invaluable during the birth. It gave us so much confidence, the whole experience was calm, anxiety free and positive.”

Jessica, Leighton Buzzard

“Emma has a warm and intuitive teaching style. She guided me through my pregnancy and helped me overcome my birthing fears and have the most empowering and rewarding birthing experience. I actually enjoyed it. For that I am hugely thankful.”

Sarah, Berkhamsted
Sarah, Berkhamsted

“Emma’s HypnoBirthing course really did make the birth a million times better and much more pleasant and enjoyable experience even though I only started the course at 36 weeks. The course helped us to bond with our baby and gave my husband an integral role in the birthing experience. Even though special circumstances did arise, HypnoBirthing was an invaluable tool for keeping me and my baby calm and relaxed. Our baby had the best possible birth we could give him and is a very chilled little man.”

Nicola, Berkhamsted
Nicola, Berkhamsted

“The hypnobirthing techniques we learnt from Emma (via skype in Japan) for the birth of our second child really helped me to relax and enabled me to be present and aware for the whole birthing experience. Being calm and focused though the whole birth with the help of my birthing companion made it an amazing and special experience for all of us. The course is a whole lot more than just techniques. It completely changed my view of giving birth and empowered me and my husband to make the decisions and make the experience how we wanted it to be, not the medicalised norm.”

Marika, Japan
Marika, Japan

“I’m due to have a C-section so wasn’t sure if hypnobirthing would be for me, but I found out that it’s actually still helpful as a way to relax during pregnancy and to make it a more positive experience for me and my baby when it comes to the big day itself. Emma was a fantastic teacher and made me feel totally at ease. I feel like Emma’s given me confidence in myself and what I can do to make my experience as natural as possible – it’s been really worthwhile doing the classes, I feel so much more ready for my baby now.”

Katherine, Berkhamsted
Katherine, Berkhamsted

“The course was really informative and I learnt so much about birth that I never knew. It was lovely to discuss concerns and other ideas for birth with other couples. I feel a lot calmer and positive about giving birth and more confident that I can handle whatever happens during our birthing experience. I have enjoyed the relaxations so much. I am glad I have plenty of them to listen to before our birthing day.”

Amelia, Leighton Buzzard

“I did not have any type of pain relief at all and the sensations I had were completely bearable. Iain was also really great, he stayed in control and calm, did the soft touch massage and was generally very soothing. I put my amazing birth experience down to the hypnobirthing lessons and doing the rainbow relaxation and birthing affirmations (almost) daily, so thank you for teaching Iain and I the skills we needed to make that happen.”

Penny, Rickmansworth

“Just to say many thanks. Had it not been for hypnobirthing, I would have not survived! Our baby Eden was born 23rd December and using the hypnobirthing tools saved me! I got to full dilation within 3 hours of first sign of labour and the breathing literally took the pain away like an anaesthetic would, I was surprised how powerful it was.”

Zohar, Tring

“The course helped me overcome my fear of birth which was held from an early age and gave me the tools and techniques to deal with the most unknown experience in a more calm and educated way. The breathing techniques I used all the way through and they really helped me stay more relaxed and calm. The course was relaxed and had small groups so it was an intimate and supportive environment and I felt more confident in my husband’s ability to support me after the course, which he did fantastically!”

Gemma, Tring

“I would recommended hypnobirthing to EVERYONE. It was just amazing and we will use it again without doubt in the future. It just makes sense, it was inclusive for my partner and we felt informed and worked together as a team throughout the birthing process. I was very proud of him and how calm he also remained. The breathing exercises were my anchor, and in the end I delivered with no pain relief.”

Laura, Tring

“My husband and I completed Emma’s course over the summer and I gave birth to a boy 4 weeks ago, with no drugs or gas and air, thanks to hypnobirthing. I found Emma’s course really empowering, knowing that I was doing something to try and give my baby the best start in life.”

Tanya, Berkhamsted

“I couldn’t thank Emma enough for teaching me and my husband the art of Hypnobirthing. Even though I ended up being induced I still used the the Hypnobirthing method and had an incredible natural birth. I couldn’t recommend Emma enough, thank you!”

Louise, Tring