Hypnobirthing gave us so much confidence, the whole experience was calm, anxiety free and positive….

Arlo’s Birth Story

My contractions started naturally at home (2 days before I was due to be induced for being overdue!). I had some dinner and bounced on my birthing ball whilst listening to the hypnobirthing downloads. Later that evening we went into the midwife led unit at L&D to be checked. The lovely midwife explained that she was training in hypnobirthing herself so would be fully supportive of my birth plan. After being checked over we opted to return home to continue the labour there until I had dilated further.
At home we dimmed the lights, lit candles, had a bath, bounced on my birthing ball, used my tens machine and hypnobirthing visualisation techniques. I felt relaxed in a calm and cosy environment.
When the surges intensified we returned to the Midwife led unit where I used gas and air and light touch massage to manage them. The midwives commented on how I smiled after each surge!
At about 9am I entered the pool, such an amazing pain relief. The midwife let me lead the way and quietly observed from the edge of the room, allowing my body to do what it needed at its own pace.
At the final stage things got a little intense as they realised that Baby Arlo was coming out with his arm up by his head and the cord wrapped round his neck, so additional midwives were called into the room and it was said that they needed to get him born asap. Still respecting my birth plan and wish for lack of intervention they advised that I stood up in the pool and birth him with the help of gravity!
It could have been quite a scary end to my labour, but I felt calm and in control. Without hypnobirthing I’m sure I would have panicked.
Thank you again for all your help and advise on the course, we would 100% recommend it to other expectant parents. The hypnobirthing skills you taught us on the course were invaluable during the birth. It gave us so much confidence, the whole experience was calm, anxiety free and positive.
Jess & David, Leighton Buzzard
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