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What is Natural Birth?

Also known as a straightforward birth, or to midwives as a normal birth, a natural birth can mean slightly different things. Some see the main criteria as being a vaginal birth, while the most widely used definition is a vaginal birth using no pain relief or intervention (although using gas and air generally still constitutes […]

Hypnobirthing for Cesarean Birth

There are many reasons why you might need to have a cesarean section, either emergency c-section or planned. For some, a planned cesarean might be a welcomed relief after a traumatic pervious birth experience. For others, a planned or emergency cesarean might be disappointing after pinning hopes on a natural birth. Either way, hypnobirthing can […]

Penny & Iain’s Amazing Birth Stories

Penny writes:- In a nutshell the labour was really quick, I started feeling some contractions around 12/1 in the afternoon and they were soon 2-3 mins apart and lasting 30-40 seconds so I called the midwife. She came and did an internal examination on me and said at about 3pm that I was only 2cm […]

How Effective is Hypnobirthing?

So how effective is hypnobirthing at ensuring a manageable birth experience? As many as 69% of my hypnobirthing mums did not require any pain relief during birth. Based on my own client’s feedback, only 31% required some form of pain relief (including gas and air) and these were mostly due to special circumstances, but they […]

My Experience of Hypnobirthing, by Maggie Watson

My experience of hypnobirthing enabled me to feel calm and relaxed during labour and birth. The birth of eldest daughter, Jemima, was fairly traumatic so as the birth of my son drew nearer, I began to feel increasingly anxious. Last time, I had felt frightened and unprepared for the pain as my labour progressed; this […]

What is Hypnosis?

There are many misconceptions about hypnosis. Put simply, hypnosis is when your focus is directed inwards on one thing, to the exclusion of all else, so can happen as often as when you day dream, for example, or when you watch a flickering flame in a fire and become lost in the moment, or when […]

How Your Birth Partner Can Help You the Best!

The most important part of being a birth partner is managing to stay calm and confident, no matter what the situation, as well as giving you plenty of reassurance along the way. This is because mum will mirror your emotional state during labour and birth. If you are anxious, she will feel anxious too. There […]

Falling in Love With Your Baby in the Womb with Pre-natal bonding

You can connect with your unborn baby in the womb with pre-natal bonding in many ways. It’s never too late to start. Babies respond differently to different sounds and activities through their movement, and studies have shown that babies often react positively to gentle vibrations, music, voices, light, warmth, touch and even humour. Any gentle, […]