Eleni’s Birth Story

I just wanted to say with a big thank you from both of us for the hypnobirthing course. It made the birth of our girl such a calm and special time.
I am feeling so blessed and grateful right now that I got to experience labour and birthing my baby in such a positive, empowering and special way. It really was the most special time ❤🙏🏾 Hypnobirthing was a game changer for me. From the fear releasing exercises, positive affirmations, being able to understand how the body needs to work during labour, breathing techniques (which I used continuously through my labour) and creating a positive, relaxed mindset towards by birthing day made it the experience that it was. Being able to surrender to the process and trust my body. So thank you Emma 🙏🏾
My birth story….

I had a feeling on the Monday that our girl would be making her way earth side very soon and started having surges early hours of Tuesday morning. I let Paul sleep because I knew I would need him soon so I just did my breathing and had some baths. Paul got the pool filled when he got up and the midwives came about 9am..by that point my surges were really close together and lasting a good length of time. I was comfiest on my bed and I was in ‘the zone’ with my breathing and music..they checked me and said my cervix was very thin but only 2cms so they went home because they wanted me to stay focused. Then things got really intense soon after them leaving so I got in the pool for a little relief and Paul got in to do some light touch massage and put pressure on my lower back for me. I was in there for about an hour in total. My waters broke while I was in the water. Paul called the midwives to let them know and they said they would make their way back over shortly. I then got out because I felt like I needed a poo…I was on the toilet for 5 mins and then put my had down to have a feel and suddenly felt her head coming. I shouted for Paul and we delivered her together squatted on the bathroom floor. The midwives arrived 15 mins later 😆❤

Amie xxxx
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