Learn how to massage your baby in a welcoming and supportive environment with the world-renowned IAIM (International Association of Infant Massage) 5-week baby massage course.

I offer group courses for up to 5 parents/carers and babies from newborn to pre-crawling age from my home studio in Potten End on:

Tuesdays – 10.30am – 11.30am – spaces available for the next 5 week course

There is always at least 15 minutes after the end of each class to chat, catch up, have a drink and try some homemade cake! I welcome babies to be babies so please do not be concerned if your baby isn’t in the mood or class times coincide with sleep or feed times. I have dolls you can practice on if your baby is sleeping and you can always learn the strokes in class to practice on your baby at home, at a time right for your baby.

Contact me today to find out more or to book – email me or call +44(0)7738328105

Benefits of Baby Massage Classes for Your Baby

  • Feeling more loved, valued and respected
  • Better sleep and relaxation
  • Increased body awareness, and coordination
  • Relief from wind, colic and constipation
  • Strengthened immune system

Benefits of Baby Massage Classes for You

  • Feeling closer to your baby
  • Focused time with your baby
  • Better understanding of what your baby is communicating
  • Boost self esteem and confidence in parenting
  • Relaxation through giving your baby nurturing touch
  • Opportunity to socialise with other parents and babies
  • Learning a new parenting skill to use ongoing with your growing child

What You Will Learn

  • Massage strokes for legs, feet, tummy, chest, arms, hands, face and back
  • A colic routine
  • Gentle movements
  • Touch relaxation

baby back massageThe massage strokes are reviewed between each class and a booklet is given out which includes all of the strokes so you can practice at home.

My classes are very relaxed and welcoming with time for informal discussion between parents. You are the only one who massages your baby – I use a baby doll called Aimee for demonstration. We always ask for permission from our babies before we start a massage and we follow their cues. This helps to develop good communication and helps to establish feelings of trust and respect between us and our babies.


5-week course – £45 payable at time of booking by cheque or bank transfer.

Price includes massage oil and parent booklet with all the massage strokes, colic routine and additional useful information.

What People Say

“My baby coos and smiles during the massage.” (Victoria, Watford).

“My baby is more relaxed before bedtime.” (Rachel, Tring).

“I enjoyed having quality time with my baby and the opportunity to meet and chat with other mums. It has helped me to remember to relax and has helped my baby nap better after massages” Anne-Marie, Hemel Hempstead

I really enjoyed the classes and the lovely location. Emma was a very calming, friendly person, and very positive. I enjoyed spending time with my baby and being able to learn something I can use at home”. Elizabeth, Hemel Hempstead

“I felt very relaxed. It was easy to talk openly with everyone in the discussion time and I liked the doing the massage stage by stage repeating each week to give familiarity. Emma put me at ease, facilitated a good open discussion and she served tea and cake at the end.” (Tanya, Berkhamsted).

What is Infant Massage?

Infant Massage is an ancient practice originating from India and Africa. Over the past 30 years the tradition has been introduces to the west and has been practiced in the UK since the late 1990s. The IAIM massage course draws from the Indian and Swedish massage traditions and uses principles from both yoga and reflexology.

The International Association of Infant Massage was founded in the early 1980s and has developed into an organization represented in 45 countries across the world. For more information about IAIM please visit www.iaim.org.uk

CONTACT ME TODAY TO FIND OUT MORE OR TO BOOK – send an email or call +44(0)7738328105