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Welcome to Together Birthing and congratulations on your pregnancy! If you are looking for hypnobirthing in Aylesbury or hypnobirthing in Buckinghamshire, I offer online classes.  My name is Emma. As a Hypnobirthing Practitioner and HypnoBirthing mum, I have a passion for supporting other women and their partners during this special time, to fully prepare them for a calmer, easier, more enjoyable hypnobirthing experience.

CONTACT ME TODAY FOR FURTHER INFORMATION OR TO BOOK – send an email or call 07738328105.

Hypnobirthing Classes

The online group hypnobirthing classes cost £130 per couple for 4 evening classes. I teach small and friendly class sizes giving you the chance to meet other couples from your area and learn in a friendly and relaxed environment.

I also teach online private hypnobirthing classes (£250) at times convenient for you and I offer 2.5 hour refresher/revision classes (from £55) if you have done hypnobirthing before and would like a class tailored to your specific needs.

You will learn fear release techniques, deep relaxation and breathing techniques as well as how the body functions during birth and how to create the ideal birthing environment including the role of the birth companion. The course content is backed up by the latest scientific understanding.

CONTACT ME TODAY FOR FURTHER INFORMATION OR TO BOOK – send an email or call 07738328105.

Birth Choices in Aylesbury

HypnoBirthing often gives couples the confidence to opt for a home birth, attracted by the privacy and the peaceful environment, which helps make birthing easier. If you prefer to give birth at hospital, or are advised to for medical reasons, you don’t have far to travel to get to Stoke Mandeville hospital. The midwifery-led Ayslebury Birth Centre attached to the hospital is a popular choice for women without complications and offers an environment more conducive for natural childbirth. The other choice is the Wycombe Birth Centre, a stand alone midwifery led unit, located on the Wycombe Hospital site in High Wycombe. The centre is not as busy as Stoke Mandeville hospital and offers a more homely and quieter environment. Your birth partner can also stay overnight following the birth and visiting is not restricted like at hospital.

You can visit the Stoke Mandeville hospital and the Wycombe birth centre websites for more information and to book a tour, by clicking on the links below:

Aylesbury Stoke Mandeville Hospital, Mandeville Road, Aylesbury, HP21 8AL

Wycombe Birth Centre, Wycombe Hospital, Queen Alexandra Road, High Wycombe, Bucks, HP11 2TT

Complimentary Therapies and Services in Aylesbury

There are plenty of therapies and services available in Aylesbury to support you during your pregnancy and beyond. Below are a list of services and therapists that will compliment your HypnoBirthing course:

Breastfeeding Support

National Breastfeeding helpline – Tel: 0300 100 0212

NCT Breastfeeding Line (8am-10pm)- Tel: 0300 33 00 771

Stoke Mandeville Hopsital

  • Parentcraft Room, Claydon Wing, Stoke Mandeville Hopsital
  • Mondays & Thursdays 10.00-13.00
  • Tel. 01296 315 799 – Call first

Baby’s First Cafe, Healthy Living Centre

  • Healthy Living Centre, Walton Court, Aylesbury
  • Wednesdays, 2.00 – 4.00 pm
  • Tel. 012966 334 562

Pregnancy Yoga

Yoga is a fantastic way for you to focus your attention on your body and your breathing ahead of labour. It can really help to gently stretch and de-stress your body, providing a comfortable and soothing environment for your baby.

Jolene Benjamin, Pregnancy Yoga

  • Buckingham Park Community Centre, Jubilee Square, Aylesbury, HP19 9DZ
  • Wednesdays, 6.00pm – 7.30pm
  • Contact: 07900 000991 or email jolene@jojoga.co.uk

Sarah Oxley, NCT Relax, Stretch and Breathe Pregnancy Yoga

  • Alfred Rose Community Centre, Aylesbury, HP20 2ER
  • Saturdays, 9.30am-11.15am
  • Contact: 01296 436413 or email sarahoxley72@gmail.com

New Mums Fitness

Keeping fit as a new mum can be difficult when you have a baby in tow but Emma’s Buggy Fit classes mean you don’t have to find a sitter while you exercise. It’s also a great opportunity to meet other mums.

Emma Redding, Buggy Fit

  • 108-114 High Street, Waddesdon, Aylesbury, HP18 0JF
  • Thursdays, 1.30pm

Pregnancy and Postnatal Massage

Massage is a fantastic way to relieve stress, and pregnancy can be a very anxious time for women. By focusing on areas that may be tense, massage is hugely beneficial for both body and mind. It can also treat any back pain or strains.

Claire, Body Renewall Pregnancy Massage

  • Chiltern House, Thame Road, Haddenham, Aylesbury, HP17 8BY
  • Appointments available.
  • Contact: 07771 881 600 or email claire@bodyrenewell.co.uk

Jo Vipan, Pregnancy Massage

  • 1 Meadoway, Steeple Claydon, Aylesbury Vale, MK18 2PA
  • Appointments available.
  • Contact: 01296 733261/ 07917467839 or email joannavipan@hotmail.co.uk


Reflexology focuses on the hands, feet and face to aid any problems you have with your body. As well as soothing aches and pains, it can also be a way to combat swelling which is a common concern women have during pregnancy. Chiltern Holistic Therapy specialise in pregnancy reflexology.

Chiltern Holistic Therapy

Sylvia Ferguson, Reflexologist

  • 1 Little Britain, Waddesdon, Aylesbury, HP18 0XA
  • Appointments available.
  • Contact: 01296 658876


Osteopathy is an alternative medicine that focuses on your bones and muscle tissue. It has been known to help with back problems and any discomfort you have with your pelvis. As well as this, cranial osteopathy can be a great way to make sure your new baby’s skull is forming correctly after birth.

Aylesbury Osteopathic Clinic

  • 12 Temple Square, Aylesbury, HP20 2QL
  • Appointments available.
  • Contact: (01296) 423331


Homeopathy is a safe and gentle way to heal your body using natural substances and medicines. It can help with a variety of different problems relating to your body during pregnancy as well as your mind. Speak to your homeopathy expert about your issues and they will give you a plan. It is important to remember that homeopathy shouldn’t replace your GP and midwife as your first port of call, however, it can help alongside professional medical advice.

The Belmore Centre

Jonathan Hill, Aylesbury Homeopathy

  • 4 Manor Drive, Aylesbury, HP20 1EW
  • Appointments available.
  • Contact: 01296 426470

Amatsu Therapy

Amatsu uses mild pressure and natural postures to move and align your body. This Japanese therapy is growing in popularity and has helped many pregnant women and new mums with digestive issues and relaxation techniques.

Annie Hamilton, Positive Health Group


With the use of thin needles, acupuncture stimulates certain areas of the body and many pregnant women find it is a useful therapy. Acupuncture can be used to help your body through labour as well as with various other issues such as aches and pains, swelling, stress and morning sickness.

Oliver Dagois, The Bucks Acupuncture Clinic

  • Fairford Leys GP Surgery, 63 Kingsgate, Aylesbury, HP19 8GG
  • Appointments available.
  • Contact: 07873 374 684 or use the website contact form.

Sabine Schnelle

  • Nuffield Health, Fitness and Wellbeing Centre, Trenchard Street, Fairford Leys, Aylesbury, HP19 7AA
  • Mondays and Friday evenings.
  • Contact: 07946 511518 or email acupuncture@sabineschnelle.com

Beth Bennett, Acupuncture


Doulas are birth companions who can help and advise you throughout pregnancy, during labour and when you become a new mum. Doulas can have a calming and supportive influence.

Dawn Powell, Birth Blessings

Beverley Parker, Doula

Nutritional Therapy

Keeping your body healthy is key to having a safe pregnancy. Nutritional therapy gives you the chance to analyse what your body needs, whether this be folic acid and iron supplements or less caffeine, for example. Therapists can also advise you on ways to calm down morning sickness and cravings.

Amy Berry Nutrition

  • Floura Healthcare, The Cobblestones, 186 Aylesbury Road, Bierton, Aylesbury, HP22 5DT
  • Appointments available.

Maria Bray Nutritional Therapy

  • 11 Coombe Avenue, Wendover, Aylesbury, HP22 6BX
  • Appointments available.
  • 01296 581561/ 07715 414719 or email mjbfood4health@gmail.com