Welcome to Together Birthing and congratulations on your pregnancy. If you are looking for hypnobirthing in Chesham, or hypnobirthing in Buckinghamshire, I offer classes just 15 minutes drive from Chesham at my home studio in Potten End, near Berkhamsted (see location). The studio is situated in a tranquil garden setting next to the woods. My name is Emma. I am a HypnoBirthing mum and HypnoBirthing practitioner with a passion for what I teach! I trained with the Hypnobirthing Insititute in 2014 and with Hypnobirthing by Jenny Mullan in 2016, accredited by the Royal College of Midwives. Having experienced hypnobirthing myself, I love sharing the marvel of hypnobirthing with other parents-to-be so that they too can experience a more positive, empowering birth.

CONTACT ME TODAY FOR FURTHER INFORMATION OR TO BOOK – send an email or call 07738328105.

HypnoBirthing classes in Watford

Hypnobirthing Classes

The hypnobirthing course that I teach uses simple but effective, scientifically proven, self-hypnosis, fear release, deep relaxation and breathing techniques, that anyone can do and which can make a huge difference to the birthing experience. You will also learn how the body functions during birth, exercises and nutrition to help prepare you for birth, the birthing environment and the birth companion’s role.

The group hypnobirthing classes (see location) that I teach cost £233 per couple. Classes are small and friendly and fully prepare you and your birth partner for a calmer, more gentle labour and birth. They are an ideal way to meet other like-minded parents-to-be in a relaxed and friendly environment, with a maximum of four couples per class. The course consists of four 2.5 hour evening classes or two day classes.

Alternatively, I teach private hypnobirthing classes at times convenient for you (see location) at a costs of £400 per couple.

Finally, I also offer 2.5 hour refresher/revision classes at my home in Potten End (see location), for those who have done hypnobirthing before but need a refresher class. These classes are tailored to your specific needs and cost £55 for class only or £83 including the hypnobirthing book and 9 downloads.

The hypnobirthing classes that I teach, enable you to come together to learn about birth in a positive way and build in confidence for your baby’s birth.

CONTACT ME TODAY FOR FURTHER INFORMATION OR TO BOOK – send an email or call 07738328105.

Birth Choices in Chesham

You might decide to have a home birth for privacy and peaceful surroundings, which can really help with relaxation. Often couples find that HypnoBirthing gives them the confidence to opt for a home birth. Alternatively, Chesham is a 23 minute drive away from Stoke Mandeville hospital in Aylesbury. There is a birth centre within the hospital which is worth visiting if you prefer a setting more conducive to natural birth, which is attached to the hospital and run entirely by midwives. The other option is the stand alone Wycombe Birth Centre which is a home from home setting, less clinical than the hospital environment and run entirely by midwives. Click on the link below for more information or to book a tour:

Aylesbury Stoke Mandeville Hospital, Mandeville Road, Aylesbury, HP21 8AL

Wycombe Birth Centre, Wycombe Hospital, Queen Alexandra Road, High Wycombe, Bucks, HP11 2TT

Complimentary Therapies and Services in Chesham

The HypnoBirthing course is complimented by a whole range of pregnancy therapies and services for pregnant women and their babies in the Chesham area. The Bagnall Centre in Chesham offers an array of wellbeing classes and therapies for you to try including acupuncture, reflexology, counselling, osteopathy, massage and nutrition. From community group sessions to private appointments, I’ve listed a variety of people you might like to contact below:

Breast feeding Support

Waterside Children’s Centre, Chesham

  • Waterside Children’s Centre, Chesham, HP5 1QF
  • Drop-in Wednesdays 13.00-15.00
  • Tel. 01494 792 852

Pregnancy Yoga

Yoga does not just have to be for gym bunnies and it’s actually an amazing way to keep fit and healthy during pregnancy. Moving your body into natural positions and gently stretching your muscles can be beneficial for you and your baby. You’ll also meet plenty of other mums! The Bagnall Centre offers both Pregnancy Yoga and Mother and Baby/Toddler Yoga.

Barbara – Pregnancy Yoga

  • The Bagnall Centre for Integrated Healthcare, 71-79 Waterside, Chesham, HP5 1PE
  • Contact Barbara – 07917887321

Fitness For New Mums

All fitness abilities welcome. Mother and baby classes.

Shirley Gbadamosi, Super Fit Mums

  • Lowndes Park, Chesham, HP5 2JE
  • Courses available and classes are usually Monday mornings.
  • Contact: 07582 986395

Pregnancy and Postnatal Massage

Feeling the aches and pains of pregnancy? Swollen ankles and agonising back strain? Massage is the best way to stimulate your muscle tissue and can be a natural way to relieve pain and tension during pregnancy, as well as after the strenuous act of labour.

Samantha Bright, Vale Therapies

  • White Hill Centre, Chesham, HP5 1AG
  • Appointments available at the centre and privately.
  • Contact: info@samantha-vale.com

Natalie, The B Club Massage and Beauty

  • 12 White Hill Close, Chesham, HP5 3SA
  • Appointments available.
  • Contact: 07921 252 717 or email nataliebclub@gmail.com

Lisa Sutherland, Soullite Wellbeing Clinic

  • The Bagnall Centre, 71-79 Waterside, Chesham, HP5 1PE
  • By appointment.
  • Contact: 07900546817 or email soullitewellbeingclinic@gmail.com


By applying pressure to certain areas of the hands and feet, reflexology can help to ease aches and pains all over the body. Pregnancy results in back pain, swelling and other unwelcome ailments in many women. Reflexology can often be a natural way to solve these. Elizabeth and Karen both work at The Bagnall Centre, and Karen specialises in Pregnancy Reflexology.

Elizabeth Calderara, Fabulous Feet

  • The Bagnall Centre, 71-79 Waterside, Chesham, HP5 1PE
  • Wednesdays 9am – 4pm and 6pm – 7.30pm
  • Contact: 0779 1659 554/ 01494 778 055 or email reflexology@fabulous-feet.co.uk

Karen Reed, BodEase Pregnancy Reflexology

  • The Bagnall Centre, 71-79 Waterside, Chesham, HP5 1PE
  • Monday and Tuesday afternoons or private appointments.
  • Contact: 07794 462618


By stimulating muscle tissue and focusing on bone structure, osteopathy helps with everything from back problems to digestive and circulatory issues. Babies can also benefit from cranial osteopathy which will make sure their skulls are forming correctly.

Taeona Hutton, Chesham Osteopathic Clinic

  • 2 Mill Close, Chesham, HP5 1QL
  • Pregnancy, post-natal, newborns, feeding problems, irritable, difficult birth
  • Contact: (01494) 793747

Michael O’Driscoll, Rebalance Osteopathy

Ben Colyer, Cranial Osteopathy and Osteopathy

  • The Bagnall Centre, 71-79 Waterside, Chesham, HP5 1PE
  • Appointments available.
  • Contact: 07799258883 or email info@bencolyerosteopath.co.uk


Your GP and midwife should always be who you turn to first for medical attention, however homeopathy can work alongside medical advice to ease problems. Natural remedies and ingredients can often calm bodily issues such as swelling and aches without the need for over the counter medications.

Caroline Masters, The Bagnall Centre

  • The Bagnall Centre, 71-79 Waterside, Chesham, HP5 1PE
  • Monday to Friday, 10am – 3pm appointments.
  • Contact: 07961 407 142 or email caroline@masters.me.uk

Dorothy Watt, Crossroads Homeopathy

  • The Bagnall Centre, 71-79 Waterside, Chesham, HP5 1PE
  • Friday mornings 9am – 1pm, 2nd Friday of the month 12pm – 4pm
  • Contact: 07530 286942 or email dw@crossroads-homeopathy.co.uk

Amatsu Therapy

Amatsu is a Japanese therapy whereby small amounts of pressure are placed on areas of the body alongside natural movements to balance your body. It can be great for alleviating pain and combatting stress.

Joanne Boyden-Wilson, Amatsu Arts

  • 201 Chartridge Lane, Chesham, HP5 2SF
  • Appointments available.
  • Contact: 01494 588 022/ 07843487055 or email: amatsu201@hotmail.com

Annie Hamilton, Positive Health Group

  • Bagnall Centre for Integrated Medicine, 71-79 Waterside, Chesham, HP5 1PE
  • Appointments available.
  • Contact: 01296 625098 / 07985 044771 or email annie@positivehealthgroup.co.uk


Using small needles to apply pressure to the skin, acupuncture has been practised for centuries and is an effective form of pain relief. It can also help with nausea, anxiety and any other discomforts you may have during pregnancy.

Patricia O’Hara, Chesham Family Acupuncture

  • The Bagnall Centre, 71-79 Waterside, Chesham, HP5 1PE
  • By appointment
  • Contact: 07525419320 or email patriciaoh@me.com

Edmond Williams, Qi Clinic

  • The Bagnall Centre, 71-79 Waterside, Chesham, HP5 1PE
  • Tuesday and Thursday afternoons/evenings.
  • Contact: 07904519152 or email info@qiclinic.com

Kate Adams, Traditional Chinese Acupuncture

  • The Bagnall Centre, 71-79 Waterside, Chesham, HP5 1PE
  • By appointment
  • Contact: 07872896850 or email kate.adamsl@btconnect.com


Offering additional support during labour and birth. They can act as birthing partners and are more like friends than therapists.

Dawn Powell, Birth Blessings

Eleanor Fowler, Doula

Physiotherapy Myofascial Release Treatment

Myofascial Release Treatment is a gentle hands-on, whole body treatment which addresses the cause of the problem, not just the symptoms which can help with back pain or any other pains or mobility problems during pregnancy.

Natalie Hilliard, Enlight Physiotherapy

  • Contact 07877 895025

Suzy White, Enlight Physiotherapy

  • Contact 0787 6598037

Nutritional Therapy

Cravings, morning sickness, general nausea and tiredness are all common problems during pregnancy. However, many of these can be solved with nutritional therapy. By analysing your diet, you can see drastic changes in your energy levels and the way your body reacts. Nutritional therapists can also diagnose deficiencies and offer advice on supplements.

Nicola Smith, Positive Health Group

  • Bagnall Centre for Integrated Medicine, 71-79 Waterside, Chesham, HP5 1PE
  • Appointments available.
  • Contact: 01494 865860 or email nicola@positivehealthgroup.co.uk

Hilda Solomons, The Bagnall Centre

  • 71-79 Waterside, Chesham, HP5 1PE
  • Appointments available.
  • Contact: +44 (0)1932 881457/07775 882700 or email hilda@nutrientsoflife.com

Lucy Huber, Nutravitalise

  • Bagnall Centre for Integrated Medicine, 71-79 Waterside, Chesham, HP5 1PE
  • Thursday mornings and afternoons.
  • Contact: 07530 047 869 or email lucy@nutrivitalise.co.uk