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Welcome to Together Birthing and congratulations on your pregnancy! If you are looking for hypnobirthing in Harpenden or hypnobirthing in Hertfordshire, I teach online classes for couples in and around Harpenden. Preparing for the birth of your child can be both an exciting and a daunting time. The online hypnobirthing classes that I teach, aim to empower and prepare you for the birth of your baby, providing you with the tools that you need, whether this is your first pregnancy or the most recent of many.

My name is Emma. I am a Hypnobirthing mum and Hypnobirthing practitioner with a passion for sharing the marvel of hypnobirthing with other parents-to-be so that they too can experience birth in a positive way without fear or anxiety.

CONTACT ME TODAY FOR FURTHER INFORMATION OR TO BOOK – send an email or call 07738328105.

Hypnobirthing Classes

The group hypnobirthing classes that I teach from my home studio in Potten End (see location), approximately 20 minutes from Harpenden, provides you with a full range of practical childbirth education, breathing, visualisation, fear release and deep relaxation techniques that are invaluable for you and your birthing partner as you take the journey through pregnancy and birth. You will also benefit from scientifically proven emotional release techniques to get rid of any anxieties that might cause tension during birth. The online group hypnobirthing course is competitively priced at £130 per couple for 4 x 2 hours evening classes, the hypnobirthing book and 9 relaxation downloads. In addition to learning valuable skills and knowledge, you will also meet other parents-to-be and have a chance to share experiences and build friendships.

Alternatively, if you prefer online private hypnobirthing classes, I can teach you a times that are convenient for you at a cost of £250 per couple.

Finally, I also offer 2.5 hour refresher/revision classes  for those who have done hypnobirthing before and are in need a refresher class. These classes are tailored to your specific needs and cost £55 for class only or £83 including the hypnobirthing book and 9 relaxation downloads.

CONTACT ME TODAY FOR FURTHER INFORMATION OR TO BOOK – send an email or call 07738328105.

Birth Choices in Harpenden

Some women choose to have their babies at home preferring the comfort and familiarity of their home environment. Alternatively, some may prefer to birth their baby in a birth centre. Luton & Dunstable hospital, which is located just 15 minutes drive away from Harpenden, offers a midwifery-led birth centre, located alongside the labour ward so that obstetric medical care is close at hand if intervention is required. The birth centre has a ‘home from home’ feel to it, with less medical equipment around and an emphasis on natural birth. Sometimes you may be required to have birth on the labour ward due to your circumstances. A birth pool is usually available on the labour ward and the birth centre at the Luton & Dunstable hospital. Speak to your midwife for more information or book a tour.

Main Luton & Dunstable hospital number – 01582 491166 (ask for Maternity)

Complimentary Therapies and Services in Harpenden

In addition to hypnobirthing, there are many services and therapies available to you during your pregnancy and after birth, to help you on your journey to parenthood. I have listed some complimentary services below in the Harpenden area:-

Breastfeeding Support

National Breastfeeding helpline – Tel: 0300 100 0212

NCT Breastfeeding Line (8am-10pm)- Tel: 0300 33 00 771

Harpenden Breastfeeding Support Group

  • The Skew Bridge,, 59 Southdown Road, Harpenden, Herts, AL5 1PQ
  • Weekly drop-in meetings, Mondays between 10am and 12pm
  • The group is attended by breastfeeding peer supporters and an NCT BFC (breastfeeding counsellor)

Pregnancy Massage

Breathing Space Day Spa and Studio

Pregnancy Yoga in Harpenden

Gentle poses to open your body and relieve any aches and pains during pregnancy. Relaxation for the mind and body.
Vicki Cocker, Firefly Yoga

Pregnancy Pilates in Harpenden

Pilates is a low impact exercise which is designed to help with improving core strength, maintaining healthy joints, lengthening muscles and improving posture to help with back pain and painful joints.

Hilary’s Pilates

  • Energy House, 22-24 Grove Road, Harpenden, AL5 1PX
  • Saturdays 9.00-10.00 and 10.00-11.00
  • Tel. 07714 095 266

Reflexology in Harpenden

Throughout pregnancy Reflexology can help with unpleasant conditions such as backache, headaches, nausea and insomnia without the need for medication, which would be best avoided. Some small trials carried out in Sweden seem to indicate shorter, less painful and “on time” labours following a course of Reflexology treatments.

Jackie, Harpenden Holistics

  • Monday to Thursday 9.00am – 9.00pm
  • Fridays and Saturdays 9.00am – 5.00pm
  • Tel. 01582 761760 or Mobile: 07977 770042
  • E-mail:

Osteopathy in Harpenden

During pregnancy, your posture will change and this can naturally be uncomfortable or painful. Osteopaths can treat you and give advice on your posture, introducing techniques to you which can make you more comfortable whilst reducing any pain that you may develop.

Louise North, Osteopathics

  • 58 Tennyson Road, Harpenden, AL5 4BB
  • Tel. 01582 713648

Sean Walker, Harpenden Osteopaths

Acupuncture in Harpenden

Pamela, Harpenden Acupuncture

  • 5 Wood End Hill, Harpenden, AL53EZ
  • Tel. 01582 624153
  • Assists with turning breach babies

Kate Henley, Acupuncture

  • The Village Surgery, Amenbury Lane, Harpenden, Hertfordshire, AL5 2BT
  • Tel: 07887 565174
  • Pregnancy and childbirth
  • By appointment only

Homeopathy in Harpenden

Laura and Rachael are registered homeopaths and can advise you on natural remedies to ease any troubles through pregnancy. These can help with many different problems, from digestion and sickness to stress, pain and baby blues. You should consult your doctor when using homeopathic treatments as they aren’t a replacement for medication you may need. You can also buy homeopathic kits for pain relief during labour.

Laura Spittall, Balance Homeopathy

Rachael Posener, Halcyon Health

Nutritionist in Harpenden

Spencer Robert Wilson BSc. ION Mfntp. SCST BASES, The Apple Green Clinic

  • Harpenden, AL5 4BP
  • Tel. 07808470702

Doulas in Harpenden

Practical and emotional support during and after birth – an experienced birth companion who will also liaise with the medical team for you.

Gwendoline Barber, Doula

Elisabeth Grover