Welcome to Together Birthing and congratulations on your pregnancy! My name is Emma. I am a Hypnobirthing mum and Hypnobirthing practitioner with a real passion for sharing the marvel of hypnobirthing with other parents-to-be. I trained with the Hypnobirthing Institute and more recently with Hypnobirthing by Jenny Mullan, accredited by the Royal College of Midwives. Having experienced first hand the huge difference that hypnobirthing techniques can make, with the birth of my second child, I now feel privileged to teach other parents-to-be so that they too can fulfil their potential to have a calmer, easier birth experience.

CONTACT ME TODAY FOR FURTHER INFORMATION OR TO BOOK – send an email or call 07738328105.

Hypnobirthing Classes

I teach online group hypnobirthing classes at a cost of £130 per couple (including the hypnobirthing book and 9 relaxation downloads). Classes are small and friendly and are held in the weekday evenings (4 x 2 hour classes).

Alternatively, I teach private hypnobirthing classes at times that fit in with you, at a cost of £250 per couple.

The course is a complete childbirth education programme that teaches simple fear release techniques, self-hypnosis, deep relaxation, visualisation and breathing techniques to help you have a calmer, more comfortable labour and birth. The classes help to prepare you and your birthing partner for the instinctive, more in control, birthing experience that you so rightly deserve. You will also learn how the body functions during birth, the birth companion’s role, the birthing environment and exercises and nutrition to prepare your body for birth.

Finally, I also offer 2.5 hour refresher/revision classes for those who have done hypnobirthing before but need a refresher class. These classes are tailored to your specific needs and cost from £55 per couple.

CONTACT ME TODAY FOR FURTHER INFORMATION OR TO BOOK – send an email or call 07738328105.

Birth Choices in Tring

You might choose to give birth at home if you prefer your own quiet, private and familiar surroundings. Alternatively, the nearest hospital for Tring is Aylesbury, Stoke Mandeville. It should take around 20 minutes by car. There is also a birth centre attached to the hospital for a slightly less clinical environment which caters more for natural birth. You can find out more about the hospital by clicking on the link below.

Aylesbury Stoke Mandeville Hospital, Mandeville Road, Aylesbury, HP21 8AL

Complimentary Therapies and Services in Tring

HypnoBirthing is just the beginning when it comes to relaxing therapies and services that can help you throughout your pregnancy and with post-natal care. I’ve compiled a list of those that will compliment the HypnoBirthing course in Tring.

Breastfeeding Support

Orchard Childrens Centre, Tring

  • Orchard Children’s Centre, Silk Mill Way, Tring
  • Drop-in session – Mondays, 10.00 am – 12.00 and last Friday of each month, 12.00-2.00 pm
  • Tel. 01442 426922

Baby Cafe, Pitstone & Ivinghoe Children’s Centre

  • Pitstone & Ivinghoe Children’s Centre, Brookmead School, LU7 9EX
  • Drop-in session – Tuesdays, 10.00-11.30
  • Tel. 01296 662 363

One-to-One Breastfeeding Home Visits from £50 per hour

  • Cathy – 07899 995 622
  • Julie – 07702 669 558

Spa Services

Champneys Health Spa, Tring

Chesham Road, Wigginton, Tring, HP23 6HX

Champneys Health Spa in Tring offers a range of services that can be beneficial to pregnant women and new mums. They include:

  • Wellbeing Health Screenings
  • Doctor Consultations
  • Nutrition Therapy
  • Osteopathy
  • Clinical Acupuncture
  • Clinical Pilates
  • Hydrotherapy
  • Psychological Wellbeing
  • Suitable Fitness Classes

Pregnancy and Postnatal Yoga

Pregnancy Yoga is a great way to prepare your body for labour with relaxation and breathing exercises, as well as gentle postures which will benefit your mind as well as body. Julie Cade specialises in pregnancy yoga and Salome Chasey does a number of classes in Tring.

Salome Chasey, Still Space Yoga

Pregnancy yoga for breathing, birth positions, visualisations, relaxation, foetal positions, and pain relief. Mummy and baby yoga from 6 weeks after birth.

  • Orchard Children’s Centre, Silk Mill Way, Tring
  • Thursdays, 7.30pm to 8.45pm
  • Tel. 07710178020
  • Email salome@stillspaceyoga.co.uk

Julie Cade, Julie Cade Yoga

  • Tring Community Centre
  • Mondays, 7.00pm
  • Email breathe@juliecadeyoga.co.uk

NCT, Tring

A charity offering support, information, advice and friendship for new parents and parents-to-be.

Pregnancy Pilates

Pilates is a gentle way to keep fit before and after birth. Keeping fit during your pregnancy and as a new mum can often be overlooked as you become busy with other commitments, however it is very important for your health and the health of your baby.

Tring Pilates Studio

  • Sutton Court, Church Yard, Tring HP23 5BB
  • Pregnancy and post-birth individual sessions and group classes.
  • Contact: 01442 890214 or email studio@tringpilates.com

Pregnancy and Postnatal Massage

Pregnancy and postnatal massage is a fantastic way to relax your body and stimulate circulation. It can ease any tension or aches as well as regulating pregnancy hormones in your body. Cristina and Debbie both specialise in massage and can guide you through which massage techniques are best for you.

Cristina Bustamante, Specialist Massage and Bowen Therapist

  • By appointment
  • Contact: 07970675809

Debbie Timberlake, Federation of Holistic Therapists

  • By appointment
  • Contact: 01442 380385 or 07722010171


Osteopathy can help backache, pelvic pain, heartburn and any difficulties you have with breathing during pregnancy. Newborns can also benefit from cranial osteopathy which examines their skull formation after birth. This will ensure they do not develop any related problems e.g. headaches or digestive issues.

Michael Thornton Osteopathy Practice

  • 110 High Street, Tring, HP23 4AF
  • By appointment
  • Contact: (01442) 822 990 or 07799713117

Jane Ducklin

  • 18 Christchurch Road, Tring, HP23 4EE
  • By appointment
  • Contact: 01442 890073 or 07973 188420


Homeopathy uses natural remedies to solve any medical problems you have and can be very beneficial in pregnancy for issues such as nausea, painful nipples, backache and constipation. It can also help with emotional or mental issues during and after the birth e.g. postnatal depression. Homeopathic kits can also be used during labour.

Although homeopathy is a fantastic way to treat yourself naturally, you should still maintain your relationship with qualified medical professionals like your GP and midwife.

Cathy Byrne, Your Family Homeopath

  • 14 Icknield Way, Tring, HP23 4ET
  • By appointment
  • Contact: 01442 822338

Sydommne Peace, Homeopathy Tring

  • 110 High Street, Tring, HP23 4AF
  • By appointment
  • Contact: 01442 822927


Acupuncture is all about correcting imbalances in the body and can help with common problems in pregnancy such as back pain, fluid retention and morning sickness. It can also be used during labour for pain relief, as well as for post-natal issues such as lactation, anxiety and any discomforts. Tring Physiotherapy have three acupuncture specialists: Brigid, Alison and Tom.

Michael Thornton Osteopathy Practice

  • 110 High Street, Tring, HP23 4AF
  • Appointments available.
  • Contact: (01442) 822 990 or 07799713117

Tring Physiotherapy and Sports Injury Clinic

  • Rothschild House Surgery. Chapel Street, Tring. Hertfordshire HP23 6PU
  • Or Sutton Court, Church Yard, Tring, HP23 5BB
  • Appointments available.
  • Contact: 01442 822547 or email info@tring-physio.co.uk


Doulas are women who support other women by helping and advising them throughout their pregnancy, as well as during and after the birth of their child.

Dawn Powell, Birth Blessings

Gwendoline, Birth Doula

Nutritional Therapy

Nutrition and supplements are vitally important for keeping your body and your baby’s body healthy. Nutritional therapy can also help with problems such as weight gain, morning sickness, cravings and heart palpitations.

Claudine, Nutrivite Nutritional Therapy

Aromatherapy & Health Foods

The Healthfare is a health food shop located on Tring High Street which sells therapeutic oils such as evening primrose oil, and other useful products such as raspberry leaf tea and nutritional supplements.

Zoe, Healthfare

  • Contact: 01442 822311