“Great teacher, informative course, fun slides and comfortable environment. I feel a lot more calm and confident. A lovely short and sweet course with a lovely teacher.”


“I liked how well the course prepared me for birth. Everything was very clear to understand and follow. I feel like I am now looking forward to our birthing day and I am now only having positive feelings and visualisations about it. Thank-you for helping us to feel confident and prepared.”


“The course opened my eyes to a completely different, ‘natural’ birth – not like what you see on TV! I now feel I can play a bigger part to support Natalie. I have genuinely found this to be a very positive experience going into the final stages.”

ChrisHemel Hempstead

“I found the course to be very informative. It has given me a lot of faith in myself and my body and I am actually looking forward to labour. I feel more calm and am using the techniques for everyday situations. I really enjoyed the course, thank-you for helping me to feel confident.”

NatalieHemel Hempstead

“It’s refreshing to hear so much positivity around birth. Very enjoyable course, many thanks!”


“I liked the small group size, the course companion book and the lovely teacher. There were also lots of good downloads to choose from. I’m now feeling calmer about the birth.”


“I particularly liked the exercises to release the fear and the videos shown. I feel more confident and relaxed since starting the course and I have less fear about things not going how we want them to. I especially liked it when Miranda and I did the exercises together such as the deepening techniques.”

MarkHemel Hempstead

“The course had a relaxed environment and was very well put together with lots of science, mediations, information and videos. I feel much more confident and prepared for labour. The book is really helpful to refer to. I will definitely be recommending the course.”

MirandaHemel Hempstead

“The course made me feel more positive about the birthing experience. It was very informative and I feel I learnt a lot about hypnobirthing. I feel more positive about labour and a lot less fearful. I had a great experience, thank-you very much.”


“I liked the positive open space to discuss and share ideas and experiences. I feel more mindful since starting the course.”


“I thought the course was well presented with comprehensive content. It has increased my confidence and belief in a positive birth experience. The videos were inspirational.”


“I knew nothing prior to the course so gained an awareness of hypnobirthing and the areas to support my partner.”


“I liked the tools and techniques to assist through birth and I’m now feeling more relaxed and ready for birth. I really liked the birthing videos shown at the end of each class.”


“The course had good practical examples, good recaps and the sessions were relaxed. I now feel more confident and more prepared.”


“I liked the breathing techniques and the role my partner can have. I also liked learning about how my body is designed for birth. I feel calmer about the birth. Now I know my options it makes me feel more in control.”


“I liked how much information was given and in a manageable way in the hypnobirthing course. I thought I would be overwhelmed but it was the opposite! Emma was wonderful. I now feel prepared for the birth amd my role on the day. Thank-you Emma!”


“I liked all the anatomical information – how our body and our baby are designed for birth. It has made me feel much more in control. The small group size allowed us to ask lots of questions. I now feel much more prepared, relaxed and informed about the birth and I am feeling so excited and ready to met our baby!”


“The course raised my awareness of the overall birth process, helped me to focus on my own role and helped me to feel more empowered. I also learnt relaxation techniques I can use on myself.  I am now thinking more optimistically about birth.”


“I liked the relaxed atmosphere of the learning environment and the pace and content of the course. I also liked the way the relaxation techniques were taught and practised in the session. I feel that I am much more equipped for the birthing experience and I feel much more relaxed and positive generally – thank-you Emma.”


“The hypnobirthing course helped me to feel more confident about giving birth. It helped change my preconceptions about giving birth – I now feel more equipped. There was a good mix of techniques and theory/physiological explanation and some good relaxation recordings to use at home.”


“Before hypnobirthing I was really nervous and felt incredibly anxious about giving birth. I had heard lots of scary stories and had seen images of women in a lot of pain in labour. This course has been great because it has taught us the history and the science behind why and how hypnobirthing works – you just need to trust in it. It’s also been brilliant because it gives your partner a list of jobs and a role so they also don’t feel panicked etc. The techniques have been great and the book/meditation tracks have helped.  I am no longer dreading the day and am now almost looking forward to it! Thank-you. A lovely setting and friendly environment too!”


“Really insightful and thorough course. It has opened my eyes to the whole labour/birth process and I am now looking forward to the birth using our new techniques. The deepening breathing session was particularly good as I didn’t know I could feel that relaxed.”

JoelleHeme Hempstead

“I loved the baby massage course. Sian has felt so relaxed after the session. She suffers from wind and the techniques have really helped. Emma is a great teacher. I love the atmosphere, it’s a great size of class and I love the ability to meet other mums. The icebreaker and topics for discussion every week are a great way of getting tips and stimulating discussion. Overall a brilliant course, I would do it again!”

NavApsley, Hemel Hempstead

“With the baby massage course, I liked the lovely relaxed atmosphere and the nice small group. There was good progression through the different massage areas, and it was easy to understand. Lovely cake!”


“The course was well presented and I felt calm and reassured from the beginning. After not knowing anything about hypnobirthing or birth, I now feel prepared and totally calm and excited about the birth.”


“I liked the new attitude to birthing in general and definitely feel more chilled since starting the course. We enjoyed the lovely relaxed delivery of techniques and advice from our course leader, Emma.”


“I liked the relaxations and feel much more relaxed and prepared about giving birth. I’m not scared anymore. Thank-you for a great course.”


“It was a positive and welcoming environment. The hypnobirthing course was informative, educational and provided us with the tools to have at the birth. I feel more knowledgeable and confident and my partner is now more involved in the process. We feel excited for the birth”.


“The hypnobirthing course was relaxed, fun and informative.”


“Since doing the baby massage course, my baby and I have more of a bond and my baby is a lot more relaxed. Emma was very friendly and explained everything in detail. I enjoyed the social side of the course and learning the techniques.”

HayleyHemel Hempstead

“I have noticed that my baby is more relaxed since doing the baby massage course.”

KateHemel Hempstead

“I just want to say a massive thank you, the hypnobirthing skills you taught us on the course were invaluable during the birth. It gave us so much confidence, the whole experience was calm, anxiety free and positive.”

JessicaLeighton Buzzard

“I liked the relaxed environment, the small class size (4 couples), and the informed but relaxed style. I feel a lot more calm about the whole process.”

TimWeedon, Bucks

“I liked the tutor style of the classes, the group dynamic, the information and the relaxations. I am now calmer and more positive about giving birth. I have also been able to accept the possibility of a c-section due to the low position of my placenta.”


“The course was friendly and well presented. I now feel more relaxed about birth and feel it will help me in all possibilities.”

DawnWeedon, Bucks

“The course was really informative and I learnt so much about birth that I never knew. It was lovely to discuss concerns and other ideas for birth with other couples. I feel a lot calmer and positive about giving birth and more confident that I can handle whatever happens during our birthing experience. I have enjoyed the relaxations so much. I am glad I have plenty of them to listen to before our birthing day.”

AmeliaLeighton Buzzard

“The course was really informative and there were great techniques to help relaxation. My view on birth has completely changed. It’s a natural process rather than a medical one. It has been a really useful course. I have learnt so much a bout child birth and I’m much more confident about the process and really looking forward to it!”

CharlieLeighton Buzzrd

A drug-free natural delivery – big boy (10lbs) born 6.30 this morning. The hypnobirthing helped hugely – was listening to them during the night and in the car on the way to the hospital.  Was 9.5cm when we arrived and he was born 40 mins later! A totally different experience from the first time around!  Felt much more in control and felt I had the tools to call upon when it got intense. Thanks for all your help!


“I did not have any type of pain relief at all and the sensations I had were completely bearable. Iain was also really great, he stayed in control and calm, did the soft touch massage and was generally very soothing. I put my amazing birth experience down to the hypnobirthing lessons and doing the rainbow relaxation and birthing affirmations (almost) daily, so thank you for teaching Iain and I the skills we needed to make that happen.”


“We gave birth at home using Hypnobirthing and labour lasted 2.5hrs. It was the most incredible experience. Within 2 hours Penny had fully dilated without any unbearable pain. Pure breathing techniques and a birthing ball. I gave a lot of soft touch massage, played ambient music and spoke soothingly to my amazing partner with confident words about the birth of our beautiful child. Penny didn’t tear at all and has not only recovered but she is pretty much back to normal within 48hrs and we are blissfully happy. Without Hypnobirthing, we know that this experience wouldn’t have been as magical as it was and fully believe in the power of a positive mind and belief in oneself can accomplish unbelievable feats.”


“Due to my waters breaking early I had to be induced, which is not how I would have liked…however Hypnobirthing really helped me to remain positive, relaxed and open minded in the run up to the induction commencing (I had a 2 day wait in hospital beforehand). The breathing for me was invaluable during labour, the techniques enabled my body to go with the surges rather than fight them. Although my birthing experience was not how had planned it, Hypnobirthing enabled me to cope and remain in control (when I was advised I would need to be induced) and ultimately the greatest reward of all awaited…our beautiful daughter Amelie. Emma’s approach to Hypnobirthing was down to earth and calming, she also made herself available for ad hoc queries post course completion which was really reassuring …we would highly recommend her course.”


“Just to say many thanks. Had it not been for hypnobirthing, I would have not survived! Our baby Eden was born 23rd December and using the hypnobirthing tools saved me! I got to full dilation within 3 hours of first sign of labour and the breathing literally took the pain away like an anaesthetic would, I was surprised how powerful it was. We did end up having forceps and c-section in the end as the cord was tied three times round Eden’s neck, but I remembered your story of the lady who used hypnobirthing to help for this, so I continued with affirmations, visualisations and breathing throughout the procedures which meant I wasn’t emotionally traumatised by them.

I cannot emphasise enough the empowerment, confidence, vital knowledge and coping tools that I gained from Hypnobirthing. I rarely recommend courses but this is a must for every woman. To be candid I would advise this course is taught to every mother-to-be as standard, simply to equip women with the physical, emotional/mental skills & techniques required to endure and undergo the powerful and overwhelming experience of childbirth; and to access the inner strength required for such a feat! ”

Flik & Iain

“Our baby Cassian arrived into the world with nothing but hypnobirthing (and a paracetamol!) after 75 hours (after waters breaking). He is beautifully content, breastfeeding effortlessly, sleeping well and making his parents the happiest in the world. The midwives and health visitors have all heard about the birth and are amazed. They’ve asked if they can be present next time. Thank you Emma for being our wonderful hypo coach.”

Flik & IainLeighton Buzzard

“Isaac joined us on the 28th November. Happy healthy and instantly adored. The birth was long (so much for second babies coming quickly?!!) due to him turning back to back. I managed the birth without pain relief though and really think the hypnobirthing breathing techniques helped. Concentrating on my breath gave me something to concentrate on which helped keep me calm. Thanks for the refresher class.”


“Jago made an early appearance on Friday 23rd October at 21.17 weighing 6lb 8oz and 9 days early.

My waters broke 2 hours after I saw you all on Thursday night! We went to triage in the early hours. I was sent home and spent most of Friday focusing on breathing and relaxation. I was so relaxed I didn’t even realise the surges were intense enough and they never got more frequent than every 4 mins or so. Suddenly I felt the urge to bear down so the last bit was a slight rush to the hospital! I was 10cm dilated when I arrived at triage so straight up to abc and Jago popped out 17 mins later.  No pain relief and unfortunately not enough time for the pool! No tearing or complications… So defo recommend perineal massage! Absolutely ecstatic and Jago is super chilled.

Thanks Emma so much for all your guidance and advice.”

ZoeAbbots Langley
“Hypnobirthing and homebirthing was great for us. We had the home birth we wanted and hypnobirthing really worked. We didn’t practice enough to use all the techniques but we started really early in labour. Things that worked best for me were:-
  • the birthing prompts for the birthing partner to use, (Ross said bits of these through every surge and I found it really helpful)
  • the music (i had the music on the whole time and helped me focus),
  • the breathing (easier to get in to than I thought)
  • light touch massage (Ross did this at every surge)
PS. It’s so worth it :-)”
LaylaHemel Hempstead

“The course helped me overcome my fear of birth which was held from an early age and gave me the tools and techniques to deal with the most unknown experience in a more calm and educated way. The breathing techniques I used all the way through and they really helped me stay more relaxed and calm. The course was relaxed and had small groups so it was an intimate and supportive environment and I felt more confident in my husband’s ability to support me after the course, which he did fantastically!”


‘When i was pregnant with my second baby i was keen to take a hypo birthing course, however with lots of pressures on our time we were struggling to fit it in. Emma suggested she could do an intensive course for us. Having had quite a stressful (and drug induced) birth with my first baby i was starting to feel quite nervous about giving birth again. However after the course I felt a lot less nervous. I really think that the hypnobirthing approach contributed to a much more relaxed, quicker and drug free birth.’


“I would recommended hypnobirthing to EVERYONE. It was just amazing and we will use it again without doubt in the future. It just makes sense, it was inclusive for my partner and we felt informed and worked together as a team throughout the birthing process. I was very proud of him and how calm he also remained. The breathing exercises were my anchor, and in the end I delivered with no pain relief. That’s not to say the birth was not a painful experience, but it was manageable with the music, calm controlled breathing and the belief that my body could do this. I think that the preparation in attending the sessions, reading the books and listening to the material provided us both with a lot of information so we knew well ahead what we may be likely to experience which proved invaluable and dispelled any anxiety for us both before the big day. A big thank you for all your help Emma, and for introducing us to this wonderful toolkit, which in turn helped us to bring a very loving, calm, healthy and happy baby into the world which is what it all comes down to in the end.”


“My husband and I completed Emma’s course over the summer and I gave birth to a boy 4 weeks ago, with no drugs or gas and air, thanks to Hypnobirthing. I found Emma’s course really empowering, knowing that I was doing something to try and give my baby the best start in life. The knowledge we gained gave us the confidence and positivity we needed to know I could birth my baby without medical assistance, and that whatever way the birth went I would be able to use the knowledge and tools to stay as calm as possible. The course is mainly theory based so it’s essential to do your own practice at home (breathing and relaxation techniques) and this is very time consuming so takes dedication and patience. I had no idea it would take so much hard work on my part so do not underestimate this. I’m pleased to say though, that it worked for me and we had the birth we wanted, and the pain was manageable using the techniques I had learnt from Emma so having drugs never even crossed my mind. The course is also great as the birthing partner is so involved and my husband got a lot out of the course and helped me immensely through the birth to keep me calm and relaxed and he communicated with midwives so I could focus on my breathing. I trusted that he would make the right decisions for me and the baby if required. Emma is very knowledgable and has an easy going manner so we always felt very comfortable with her. I can’t recommend her course enough.”


“The hypnobirthing techniques we learnt from Emma (via skype in Japan!) for the birth of our second child really helped me to relax and enabled me to be present and aware for the whole birthing experience. I was a bit sceptical at first when I was told that birth doesn’t have to be painful, having gone through quite a tough time with my first baby, but I can honestly say that it is true. Being calm and focused throughout the whole birth with the help of my husband made it an amazing and special experience for all of us. The course is a whole lot more than just techniques. It’s one thing reading the book, which is great, but the additional benefit of the classes with Emma simply cannot be measured. It completely changed my view of giving birth. Emma is very calm and supportive and she gave us guidance on how to communicate our wishes with the medical team, which enabled us to have the birth that we wanted.”


“Friends had shared their birth stories with me and highly recommended hypnobirthing. When Emma came to the pregnancy Pilates class I was taking, I knew instantly that hypnobirthing would be of benefit to both myself and my husband as we prepared for the arrival of our first child. Emma’s calm and friendly persona delivered a througher Hypnobirthing course which was supplemented with our own practice. Hypnobirthing equipped us with the mindset to ensure that the birth of our daughter was a positive and calm experience, regardless of any path the birth may have taken. Having listened to the Hypnobirthing music throughout the pregnancy and labour, we now find that the music help to calms our daughter when life as a baby gets a bit tough.”


“Hypnobirthing definitely made things a lot easier. We didn’t have time for a lot of the things like deepening and setting up music in the room rather than just on my headphones. I wouldn’t say it was pain-free, the surges were at times painful but I think that’s because my environment of bombing down the A5 with a toddler talking to me over my relaxation music wasn’t ideal! The actual delivery was so easy and pain-free though and that was the bit I had concerns about after the first time. The midwives were impressed and said I must have a high pain threshold!  I didn’t have any pain relief. Sonny is a relaxed and happy little boy, very alert but very chilled out.”

SammyLeighton Buzzard

“I’m due to have a C-section so wasn’t sure if hypnobirthing would be for me, but I found out that it’s actually still helpful as a way to relax during pregnancy and to make it a more positive experience for me and my baby when it comes to the big day itself. Emma was amazing – she listened and really understood how different experiences can affect how you feel about having your baby and more importantly, how to let go of your worries and insecurities. She’s a fantastic teacher and made me feel totally at ease. I feel like Emma’s given me confidence in myself and what I can do to make my experience as natural as possible – it’s been really worthwhile doing the classes, I feel so much more ready for my baby now.”


“I couldn’t thank Emma enough for teaching me and my husband the art of Hypnobirthing. Even though I ended up being induced I still used the the Hypnobirthing method and had an incredible natural birth. I couldn’t recommend Emma enough, thank you!”


“My husband and I have thoroughly enjoyed working with Emma to prepare for the birth of our first baby. Emma’s classes were both informative and relaxing and we both feel so prepared for a peaceful, natural birth at home, thanks to our HyponoBirthing practice. If you’re interested in HypnoBirthing, I would highly recommend working with Emma”. 


“Emma’s HypnoBirthing course really did make the birth a million times better and much more pleasant and enjoyable even though I only started the course at 36 weeks. Our baby had the best possible birth we could give him and is a very chilled little man.”


“Emma has a warm and intuitive teaching style. She guided me through my pregnancy and helped me overcome my birthing fears and have the most empowering and rewarding birthing experience. I actually enjoyed it. For that I am hugely thankful.”